The Bellator vs. Rampage Jackson Lawsuit Explained

Luke Thomas writing for MMA fighting with a great overview of the Bellator vs. Jackson lawsuit.

Bellator says Jackson was disappointed a pay-per-view bonus didn’t kick in from the buyrates of the bout opposite Muhammed Lawal, but paid Jackson a $200,000 bonus to keep him satisfied. Eventually, it says, this still wasn’t enough. Jackson and his management more or less complained they weren’t given enough entertainment opportunities, not fully promoted Jackson’s fight and failed to provide a copy of the pay-per-view buyrates from the Lawal bout. There was an attempt to satisfy Jackson’s issues, Bellator says, but these failed.

Eventually, Bellator says, Jackson and his management claimed he is a free agent and sent Bellator a termination notice. After talking to one of the UFC’s lawyers and explaining to them Jackson was still under contract, UFC responded that was not their understanding of what was happening. Jackson announced soon thereafter he’d signed with UFC.

I just can’t see Rampage vs. Maldonado going ahead on April 25.

Call me a cynic, but it seems to me UFC probably signed Rampage with the aim of stopping him from fighting in Bellator. Having him fight on future UFC events would be a nice bonus for them, of course, but it might never happen.

I hope I’m wrong (and Thomas’s article does lean towards Rampage having a legitimate case), because I’m one of the few that thinks Jackson has plenty left in the tank.