Al Iaquinta Is Sure He Won, Explains Crowd Curse-Out

Good write-up from Shaun Al-Shatti on comments from Al Iaquinta following his controversial split-decision victory over Jorge Masvidal at the weekend.

Al Iaquinta on his performance, and the mentality that led him to curse out the crowd as they booed following the controversial split decision:

I put it out there on the line. I got this scar on my face. After I fought, and it was a good fight, Matt (Serra) said to me, ‘You’ve got a new scar on your face.’ I got a scar from this. This ain’t a joke. This is real. And then people start booing me? What, every time I look at this scar I’m going to say, ‘Oh, that was the time, remember the time when people booed me?’ So now every time I look at the scar, it’s the time I cursed out Virginia and told them to go fuck themselves, so it’s a little better, you know?

The man makes a very straightforward, hard-to-argue-with kind of sense.

Personally, I found his post-fight interview thoroughly entertaining. Now I also agree with it on principle.

I’m a confirmed fan.