Bas Rutten’s Fight Career, Commentated by Bas Rutten, Free on YouTube

Via a post by Ik ben Voorst at Reddit.

I dare you to try and watch Rutten’s first fight and stop there.

At his best, I think Rutten is in a league of his own when it comes to delivering the sport’s most entertaining commentary. The more excited about the fight he is, the more captivating his commentary.

I would love to see him hired as colour commentator with one of the sport’s two biggest promotions.

… And one hell of a career as a fighter.

Rutten on his second fight with Frank Shamrock:

Two times I had a knee-bar, and they break me up. It’s crazy, what can I do? Yes and we we were still friends. We had a lot of fun time in Japan, that same night we probably. Oh! The same night we got really drunk actually. We got really drunk and went to the concert of Biohazard in the Liquid Room with all the other fighters. Stage diving. We did the whole thing, the whole nine yards … And now it’s waiting for the decision …