Meltzer on Al Iaquinta vs. Masvidal, Scoring System Flaws

Dave Meltzer writes for MMA Fighting on the Al Iaquinta vs. Jorge Masvidal decision.

Meltzer – a long time critic of the ten-point point must scoring system – argues that Saturday night’s controversial decision yet again exposed the current scoring system’s flaws. I wholeheartedly agree.

On reflection, I think the crowd were neither booing Iaquinta or “the decision.” They were booing – with a total disregard for the scoring system – a result which did not match up to what they felt they had witnessed.

The crowd saw one fighter dominating early, then staying well within control at all times. Then being announced as the loser. Crowds (taken as a whole) don’t want to hear about ten-point must systems.

Meltzer clarifying his view on the decision for Al Iaquinta:

But it was not a robbery. It was more like a lucky decision for Iaquinta in a fight that the majority seemed to go the other way in, but that the judges scores, all three, even though they appeared totally divergent, were understandable.

I wouldn’t go as far as “lucky,” unless you consider competing under the ten-point must system “lucky,” but I agree with the sentiment.

For me, Iaquinta’s win was primarily the result of excellent coaching, which kept the scoring system firmly in mind, and never told Iaquinta to risk everything for the long shot of a knockout.