American Kickboxing Academy Responds to Dana White’s Critical Remarks About Their Gym

Javier Mendez, head coach of AKA:

The best way to prepare for a fight is to fight. Yeah, I’ve had some injuries. But when we fight, nobody says we’re not training right when they look at the way we fight. We’re going to keep doing it. We could get injured again, but you don’t come into training with those thoughts. I don’t go in thinking about getting injured. We go to work, beat each other up, just like a fight. We don’t go into a fight with those thoughts either.

In the case of Cain Velasquez, my feeling is that his injuries have largely been caused by bad luck, in combination with a vulnerability to injury.

Either way, the effect has essentially been to put the heavyweight division on ice for several years. It’s good that Dana White is looking for clear solutions to help reduce injuries.