Justin Buchholz on Mighty Mouse’s Failure to Sell UFC 186 Tickets

Justin Buchholz, Team Alpha Male fighter and co-host of Stud Show Radio, on Demetrious Johnson’s failure to sell tickets for UFC 186 (via BJPENN.com).

Buchholz on seeing Demetrious Johnson in the UFC 186 Embedded video:

I could just see it in Johnson’s actions, I feel like he’s on edge and he’s not like the playful child he normally portrays, I feel like he’s on edge. I think it’s because he got news that he doesn’t sell a single ticket and half the arena had to get closed down.

That’s pretty serious man – if I’m headlining a UFC card and they close half the arena a couple days before the fight goes, it’s just like ‘Dude, I’m going to fight in front of nobody?’ That would definitely affect me.

I would try to say it wouldn’t, and you would want to say during fight week ‘Oh no, I’m just going in there to do my job.’, but that has to affect him because that’s his value as a fighter. Even with the UFC’s promotion, with all these other guys on the card, the responsibility of selling out that arena falls on the champion in the main event, and he didn’t live up to it.

The flyweight division isn’t the easiest to sell, but I agree Mighty Mouse could do a much better job of promoting his fights. He is preternaturally skilled as a fighter, but there is a failure to translate this into the kind of pre-fight excitement that makes people buy his fights, whether in the form of ticket sales or pay-per-view buys.