‘Mighty Mouse’ Sets Unbreakable Record, Gets Arm Bar With a Second Left

Kevin Iole writing for Yahoo Sports:

With 10 seconds left Saturday, [Demetrious Johnson] had Horiguchi in a crucifix. Johnson could have held him there and would have gone on to take a wide unanimous decision victory. That, though, wasn’t good enough for Johnson.

That’s what amazes me most about Johnson’s finish – that he had one possible finish with around 10 seconds left, abandoned it and managed to find a new one, and get the tap, before the bell.

Johnson is insanely fast and fluid physically, and unbelievably quick mentally. He fights in a clear-minded and technically flawless manner, and I get the impression his brain works twice as fast as his body does. Over time he shuts down, overwhelms, and demoralises his opponents. That for me is what he does better than anybody else.

However… when fans leave the arena during his fight, or complain that he is boring, I don’t have a hard time understanding their point of view. As much as I was dazzled at several points during the fight, it was also by far the easiest fight of the evening for me to keep up with my live Twitter feed during.

There were several stretches where I could see exactly what Mighty Mouse was setting out to do – smother and wear down Horiguchi with his wrestling –, knew there would be no important action for a couple of minutes, and could safely check my Twitter feed without feeling I was missing what was going on in the cage.

Mighty Mouse puts on an exhibition of some of the finest skills in the sport, but it can feel safe to look away for a couple of minutes. Possibly because of the level of control he establishes over his opponents in the early rounds.