Daniel Cormier: I Fought Cain Velasquez Five Rounds This Week

David St. Martin at MMA Fighting relays Cormier’s comments on AKA training methods, made on a recent episode of Chael Sonnen’s podcast.

Cormier on training with Cain Velasquez:

We have changed our training a little bit. Like, over the course of the week we’ll go lighter. Cain and I tomorrow, we’ll spar five rounds. We’ll spar five rounds, light. Yesterday, Cain and I fought. We didn’t spar yesterday, we fought. We fought for five rounds and today I’m feeling it. [Cain] says he’s feeling it, but it’s why we will be prepared whenever the Octagon door closes.

This is why UFC’s plans to build a rehab facility is such a brilliant move. There will never be a way for UFC to convince fighters to “go light in the gym,” when those fighters are convinced that achieving their hopes and dreams rely on not doing that.