Kevin Randleman Rest in Peace

Kevin Randleman always seemed like one of the purest personalities in the sport to me, and I have long considered him the most athletically-gifted fighter to have competed in MMA.

As a fan I will miss his presence dearly, both as a competitor and a personality. The MMA community is certain to feel his loss – a community he took his own time to interact and engage with personally.

His battle with Rutten, his time ruling the UFC heavyweight roost, his decisive victory over Crop Cop, then the unforgettable slam on Fedor that had the world stunned and replaying for years and to this day, are a few of the thrilling memories he leaves the fans with.

Outside the ring he always appeared enthused, friendly, passionate. His interviews bored that out. A charismatic personality with a genuine, charming underside – whose heart burst out and welcomed people he didn’t know with a sincere friendliness.

We were blessed to see such an individual in competition, and we are unlikely to see someone with such a big heart – who publicly showed great loyalty and respect towards his trainers, and love for his fans – again. He was one of a kind.

The bigger picture for me was one of a ridiculously talented, good-hearted man who gave to the sport’s history blinding flashes of colour, excitement. We could all take a page from his book.

RIP “The Monster.” You were truly great.